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Size Analysis: The number of publicly traded Hospitality & Wellness companies has exhibited a drastic increase compared to the previous quarter (3Q2023). During the entirety of the fourth quarter of 2023, the Hospitality & Wellness industry witnessed a total of $36.8 billion in transaction value, comprising 629 transactions. This represents a noteworthy increase of $17.6 billion compared to the previous quarter. These metrics suggest that the Hospitality & Wellness sector remains robust and dynamic, with ongoing M&A activities and resilience in terms of market performance.

Public Market Dynamics: The number of publicly traded companies decreased from 1053 in the third quarter of 2023 to 904 in the fourth quarter of 2023. The disparity in returns between the largest and smallest companies underscores the diverse performance landscape within the market during this period.

Transaction Trends: In total, there were 629 transactions in this period, comprising 323 M&A deals, 213 private placements, and 58 public offers. These 629 transactions collectively amounted to a total value of $36.8 trillion. In comparison to the preceding quarter (Q3 2023), we observed a increase of 66 transactions in the current quarter. 

Dispersion Insights: North America stands out as the most saturated market. Notably, Asia remains a strong contender in previous and current quarters, closely trailing the leader. This historical context provides insights into the evolving dynamics of these regional markets.


We screened CapitalIQ using its industry classification. Transactions were filtered by accounced date within the last 3 years. Companies were filtered by having a public company type. The main industry selected was "Consumer Discretionary". CapitalIQ subsector "Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure" and subgroup "Beauty Care Services" were used to screen the database.


This research report is for informational and discussion purposes only. Information presented here is not investment advice of any kind to any person and does not constitute a recommendation as to the purchase or sale of any interests or as to any other course of action. General, financial, and statistical information concerning the details of this report and related industry are from sources Spaulding Financial believes to be reliable.

Spaulding Financial has accurately reflected such information in this research report; however, Spaulding Financial makes no representation as to the sources’ accuracy or completeness and has accepted this information without further verification. Neither all nor any part of the content of this report may be conveyed to the public through advertising, public relations, news, sales, mail, direct transmittal, or other media without the prior written consent of Spaulding Financial. Spaulding Financial ’s research is as of the date reported herein.

Spaulding Financial has no affiliation with any of the companies comprising the industry used as a basis for research in this report, nor does Spaulding Financial hold any investments in the companies listed herein. The content of this report may be used, in part, as a basis for any work that Spaulding Financial performs for you in the future at the sole discretion of Spaulding Financial. All data is from Capital IQ database.

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