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Shareholder Dispute


Disputes & Litigation Support services from a valuation expert involve providing unbiased and comprehensive analysis to assist clients in resolving legal conflicts related to business valuations. Valuation experts play a crucial role in disputes such as shareholder disputes, breach of contract claims, intellectual property disputes, and marital dissolutions. By offering expert testimony, preparing detailed reports, and conducting thorough investigations, they help clients navigate complex legal challenges and provide the necessary evidence to support their positions in court. These services ensure a fair and objective assessment of business values, facilitating the resolution of disputes in a transparent and informed manner.


  • Valuation Disputes 

  • Litigation and Legal Disputes      

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

  • Joint Ventures and Collaborations

  • Insurance Coverage


Objective and Credible Valuations: Impartial assessments following industry best practices, adding credibility to the disputed asset's value.

Evidence for Negotiations: Comprehensive valuation reports as strong evidence during settlement discussions or mediation.

Support in Court Proceedings: Expert testimony influencing court decisions and presenting complex valuation matters clearly.

Minimizing Risks: Early involvement to identify and address potential valuation-related issues, reducing the risk of future disputes.

Regulatory and Compliance Adherence: Ensuring valuation meets legal and accounting regulations, minimizing challenges from authorities or opponents.

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