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Purchase Price Allocation


Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) is a financial accounting process used to allocate the purchase price of a company's acquisition to its tangible and intangible assets. PPA is essential for both financial reporting and tax purposes, as it helps determine the fair values of various assets acquired during the business combination. It involves detailed assessments of assets such as property, equipment, customer relationships, patents, trademarks, and other identifiable intangible assets. Additionally, any excess of the purchase price over the fair value of net assets acquired is allocated to goodwill. This process ensures compliance with accounting standards, particularly ASC 805, which mandates PPA in certain acquisition cases and provides valuable insights for clients screening our website, allowing them to make well-informed decisions during acquisition transactions. At our company, we possess the expertise to conduct thorough and accurate Purchase Price Allocations, ensuring transparency and adherence to regulatory requirements for our clients.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Investment Decisions


Accurate Financial Reporting: PPA provides a precise breakdown of acquired assets' fair values, ensuring accurate financial reporting in compliance with accounting standards.

Informed Decision-Making: The valuation helps buyers and sellers make well-informed decisions during acquisitions by understanding the true value of assets.

Tax Optimization: By properly identifying the fair values of assets, PPA can optimize tax strategies and reduce potential tax liabilities.

Enhanced Investor Confidence: Transparent and thorough PPA valuations instill confidence in investors and stakeholders, fostering trust in the company's financial health.

Better Business Planning: The insights gained from PPA valuations aid in strategic planning and performance evaluation, leading to more effective business decisions.

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