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Economic Damages


Economic damages valuation, often performed by financial experts, forensic accountants, or economists, is a specialized process used to assess and quantify the financial losses or damages incurred by an individual, business, or entity as a result of specific events, actions, or circumstances. The primary goal of economic damages valuation is to calculate the monetary value of economic harm or losses that can be attributed to a particular incident.


  • Shareholder Exit

  • Business Dissolution

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Strategic Change

  • Diversification

  • Capital Raise

  • M&A

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)


Informed Decision-Making: Economic damage valuations offer valuable insights that can inform decision-making processes. Whether in legal disputes, insurance claims, or business negotiations, having a clear understanding of the financial impact of an incident or event can guide parties in making informed choices.

Loss Recovery: Economic damage valuations can help individuals and businesses recover financial losses resulting from events such as accidents, breaches of contract, property damage, or personal injury. This is particularly important for achieving fair compensation.

Compliance: In some cases, economic damage valuations are essential for demonstrating compliance with legal or regulatory requirements, such as environmental remediation or tax matters.

Risk Assessment: Economic damage valuations can help assess the financial risks associated with various courses of action. This is important for making informed decisions related to business operations, investments, or legal strategies.

Tax Implications: Economic damage valuations can have tax implications. By accurately quantifying losses, individuals and businesses can determine the tax treatment of damages received as income or deductions.

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