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2023 Q1
Quarterly Industry Updates

Spaulding Financial team is happy to announce the release of the 2023Q1 Quarterly Industry Updates. We pulled data from CapitalIQ, managed it, and used PowerBI to provide you an interactive dashboard where you can find the insights you were looking for, visualizing trends for 8 quarters simultaneously. 


This quarter, 13,192 public companies reported their financials, and 9,994 transactions were announced: 

Aerospace and Defense: 591 public companies and 363 transactions. 

- Cannabis: 310 public companies and 157 transactions. 

Fintech81 public companies and 51 transactions. 

Infotech: 3310 public companies and 997 transactions. 

Life Sciences and Biotechnology: 1329 public companies and 1119 transactions. 

Media, Sport and Entertainment: 1695 public companies and 1484 transactions. 

Professional Services: 560 public companies and 644 transactions. 

Software: 2146 public companies and 3598 transactions. 

Real Estate and Construction: 2170 public companies and 931 transactions. 

Telehealth: 119 public companies and 87 transactions. 

Utilities881 public companies and 563 transactions. 

For each industry, below the interactive dashboard, you will find our fundamental analysis, methodology, and a disclaimer. 


Would you like to get a Quarterly Industry Update on a specific industry not listed above, give us feedback, or have more information? We would be happy to hear from you.  

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